1. What is e-TCC?

It electronic tax clearance certificate, which acknowledge tax payment

2. Can e-TCC be issued to anyone?

No, e-TCC is issued to individuals who have fulfilled the requirement of the personal income tax act.

3. How many cards can I have at time?

A tax payer is entitled to a single e-TCC which will be renewed annually.

4. When and how do I pay my taxes?

All payments should be paid directly to any of the state government designated banks, while you can obtain your tax receipt through the same bank.

5. What will I have to show as evidence of tax payment?

Tax payment evidences are; Electronic Tax Clearance Certificate issued by OYIRS.

6. How long will it take to obtain e-TCC?

72 hours after payment.

7. I lost my e-TCC?

You must pay N1000.00 to OYIRS dedicated A/C to a Bank branch nearest to you. Apply for a re-issuance of the lost e-TCC to the OYIRS enclosing your TAX card.

8. How much do I pay as processing fee, each time I obtain an e-TCC?

There is no need to pay any amount of money as processing fee before obtaining your Electronic Tax Clearance Certificate. It is free.

9. Under self-Assessment do I need to pay any processing or bank charge at bank

NO, you don’t have to pay any charge at any bank. The banks’ commission is paid by the State Government through OYIRS.

10. After payment, proceed to the nearest relevant tax office to process your e-TCC